Plant 1 (Wire Mill/Low Melt)

Plant 1 consists of two buildings connected together with a 650ftx 100ft section and a 350ft x 100ft section and ceilings ranging from 12ft to 34ft. There are offices, shops and lab spaces within the facility to support manufacturing.

The facility has access via secondary roads to I99 and I-80. The facility offers
companies access to an educated workforce with its proximity to Penn State
University and a dynamic skilled workforce familiar with manufacturing. The
facility was formerly used as a Brass manufacturing mill with space can be used
for a variety of manufacturing processes.



Bld 1 rough dimensions = 650ftx 100ft
Bld 2 rough dimensions = 350ft x 100ft
Total Square Feet = 109,800sf


CONSTRUCTION DATES: 1930’s – 1940’s
Floors: 6” nom. reinforced concrete
Walls: Brick and block up 5’, steel sash windows to
12’, corrugated transit above Columns: Steel H
Ceiling: Majority steel truss
Roof: Corrugated transit over wood deck
throughout majority
Ceiling Heights:
Wire Mill/Low Melt
W bays – 12’ min – 34’ max
Column Spacing:
Wire Mill/Low Melt – 59’ x 17’
Floors: Reinforced concrete
Walls: Concrete block
Columns: Steel H
Ceiling: Steel Joist
Roof: Steel deck/built-up roof
Trade Rocks
Plant1 Truck docks with levelers:
– 2 Bays interior
– 1 Bay exterior

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