Titan Park hosts many vendors in order to offer you a variety of things to do. Whether you’re looking for something to do as a family, a couple, something fun for the kids, or your pets, Titan Park has options for everyone! See our list of tenants below and click for more information!

Alloy Kitchen

Alloy Kitchen is located inside Titan Hollow and offers a diverse menu by adding their own uniqueness to familiar foods.

Axemann Brewery

Axeman Brewery is a Craft Brewery and Taproom, home of Blue Stripe beer. 

Bolton Metal Products

Bolton Metal Products produce low melting temperature alloys.

The Crooked House

The Crooked House is a life-size (16.5 ft x 22.5 ft.) concrete sculpture of a historic house.  It is only five feet from the sidewalk on a main street in a small Pennsylvania town—bringing a piece of contemporary art to the everyday life of the 1,231 residents.  The front preserves the details of the house and the back incorporates handprints and mementoes from the 1850s and today.  

Evalyne’s Garden Gate

Evalyne’s Garden Gate is a personal consultation service for those seeking to move forward with their individual and spiritual growth. Each reading works with the healing energy of Reiki to attune the sitting to the client’s intent for the session.  

Fez Records

Fez Records is a small business for those who love vinyl records, new and used. 

Felicity’s Pet Supplies

Felicity’s Pet Supplies provides high quality, healthy foods, treats, and supplies for your pets, while educating on pet nutrition so your pets are happier and healthier! 

Happy Valley Blended Products

Utilizing their existing equipment they have the ability to receive material by flatbed, van or pneumatic tank trailers, hopper bottom and pneumatic rail-cars. They have the ability to process super sacks, to either load or unload. Utilizing our various dry bulk blenders, they can custom blend and package your production into any number of different package types and sizes. They also have the ability to custom blend and load finish product into pneumatic trailers.

Mad McIntosh Cider

Mad McIntosh Cider takes the apple in its perfect form of sweet and tart and introduces it to nature’s original alchemist, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, or wine yeast, where the apple is “Blissfully Demented by Nature” to form a delightful effervescent tincture of sorts… an elixir to enjoy.

Miner Medic

Miner Medic is a new business that is focused on making repairs to crypto machines and equipment. 


NuCO2 is intently focused on quality; they use only beverage-grade carbon dioxide certified using International Society of Beverage Technologists (ISBT) guidelines and draught beer-grade nitrogen gas solutions. 

Royse Green Technologies

Royse Green Technologies, Inc. has developed innovative turf protection and specialty event flooring. 

Titan Market

The goal of Titan Market is to provide a venue for the community to easily shop with local businesses, farmers, craftsman, and artisans! As they are growing, they’re turning into a gathering place for families, friends, and strangers to come together as a community!

Titan Events

Titan Events individually wraps each festivity in magic. Wonder & excitement is there to be found in their public events & your private affairs. From an intimate gathering in the Library to the grand celebration in The Hall of Enchantment, let them help you bring your next dream to life.

Titan Hollow

Titan Hollow is home to Alloy Kitchen, Mac McIntosh Cider, Witches Hollow Winery and Titan Events. Enjoy food and drinks or book an event! Titan Events can help you host private parties, company lunches, weddings, and more! 

Witches Hollow Winery

Witches Hollow Winery is located inside Titan Hollow. The winery offers additional beverages while you’re enjoying your meal.